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five computer geniuses LThe celebrated technological success across the globe that has made the world a global village is greatly powered by the minds of computer geniuses. These masterminds include five individuals who work together with an aim of transforming the world into a better place in terms of technology in this millennial age. The team consists of 3 young men and 2 brilliant ladies.

The Shooter- Edward Fowles

He is known as the only guy who understands the ovals and the heart of a computer. He is a young computer technician who ensures your computer is maintained from the hardware to software. The main focus of Mr. A+ is to troubleshoot hardware and operating systems of computers. No more stress, he’s here to troubleshoot all the troubles.

The Bella Ella- Charlotte Strain

She might be a mature lT design tech teacher, but certainly hasn’t lost her looks through the years. The next time you see ideas that inspire you or anyone around you on your computer, just say thanks to this lady. She’s behind the approval of the many software programs that many graphic designers are using for online advertisement.

Mr. C+ - Chris Penn

His expertise in computer languages like Java and C++ earned him the nickname from his four friends. Mr. C+ is an established computer programmer who has vast knowledge in computer coding using computer languages. He writes codes and makes them some languages that a computer can understand. He is there to rewrite your computer programs and correct malfunctioning codes.

The Travel Bug- Ronald Griffith

This is a website tech developer who is skilled in writing, debugging and executing the source code of various software applications. His friends call him to travel bug because of the way he travels from one organization to another debugging and updating websites. He has vast experience in software development, software coding, programming and software engineering.

Madam Trendy- Janet Tinker

She got her name from her role of researching and evaluating various emerging technologies in hardware and software. Her prowess in identifying the vulnerabilities and the reasons for poor performing computer systems makes her a crucial pillar in the team. Her outfit and wears are noticeable which usually matches her role and nickname- trendy.

Whether your organization is in need of a website update, a computer system developed, and your computer programmed among others, you have the gurus who can offer such services efficiently and effectively. Many organizations and countries look up to these geniuses to solve their computer issues. Be sure to send your thought and ideas here, or if you are in need of help from our team:


Key Ethernet and Linux Forum

119 Pine Street

Seattle, WA



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