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What is a Peer to Peer network?

home and office P2P networks KPeer to peer network is when two or more computers happen to share files as well as have access to some devices like printers, without a separate server software or computers. An easy way to put this is that peer to peer (P2P) network is created when two or more PC’s are in connection and share resources. This network can be an ad hok connection where a couple of computers are connected through a Universal serial bus in order to transfer files. It can also be a permanent infrastructure which links six computers in a small office via copper wires.

The P2P network initially came to use in the 1980’s, where the deployment of free-standing PC started. Before this, workers felt liberated using their PC’s independently; this was until they needed a way to share files. So they began using floppy discs to save files and deliver them to the intended recipient. The term given to this practice is “sneaker net,’ which always ended with the worker whose machine is connected to a printer. The sneaker net was the basis of today’s P2P model.

The earlier centralized computing models are considered to be environmentally controlled. This is due to the fact that individuals use their PC’s under the control of the higher authority. This is different from the classical P2P model, where individuals openly share files and devices. Generally, home and office P2P networks operate over the Ethernet, usually 10M bit/sec to 100M bit/sec. With the copper wires running among the PCs and the Ethernet hub, which enables the users to have access to each others hard drives. In this type of model, every computer connected is once a server and a client. There are no any special operating systems that support special server-side applications including directory services.

In this Peer to peer network, the rights are governed only by setting up sharing permissions on individual machines. For instance; if user X is connected to a printer device and user Y wants to access the printer. Then user X must set the permission to allow access to the printer. That can also apply to file sharing or even the entire hard drive. Peer to peer network is effectively used in small and medium offices to connect a group of employees together to ensure the smooth running of the operations. The only qualification for a computer to join a P2P network is an internet connection and P2P software.

There are various types of P2P software including; LimeWire, Bearshare, Morpheus, Kazaa as well as Acquisition. When such programs are connected to P2P software such as the above mention, they allow your computer device to have access to other networks or systems. These are brief information about the Peer to Peer network that will enable one to understand how it functions. P2P software is available in the market from different companies. One can just search for the best option based upon one’s preferences. The internet has made things so easy, that one is able to get the more information about this network from anywhere in the world.