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How to build and protect your E-reputation

We live in an e-world. Google is almighty. If you have ever spoken to someone about websites, created a site or talked to a client, someone can type your name in a search box and make a judgment about you. And unfortunately, the experience can be a false image.

Protect online reputation SYou will feel your own skin crawl and want to run and hide because of this possibility. You can change the name on FB or Twitter, spend less time on social sites. And you can also can fix your privacy settings, but your digital footprint will never disappear. Your online reputation is based on what people think of you. Everybody is at risk; everybody can get negative reviews online. People complain about unfriendly content, but fortunately, there are no severe consequences. An angry client or a jealous competitor can post rude comments about you or your firm. Without the favorable and constant recommendation, is almost impossible to have a clean reputation online. If you hide behind the privacy settings, you will never have the chance to fight against those wrong rumors.

As Napoleon once said, "the best defense is a good offense." Wing Chun, a style of Kung Fu, uses the Sun Tzu quote: "The hand which also strikes blocks."

Get what we’re saying here? These are a few tools to protect your prestige and clean up your situation.

good online reputation GLook at your FB history, delete controversial disputes. You must act similarly to your twitter account. Your social media comments must be clean. If there is a harmful content that you can control, delete everything (pictures, websites, stories).

Register a website with your name in the domain title. You prevent other people from using your name to denigrate you or your firm in the future. This site is the best place to publish information about you: your business, your knowledge, your experience, press releases, blog, and awards. This site you appear in the first line of researches about you. You already make a good impression. Aside from that, it also works in your favor- since those who slander you online are allowed to legally be punished once they have attacked or damaged your online character.

Another way to build and protect your e-reputation is to write and publish high-quality content. Update your site with new information, post on specialized sites and write articles for your blog.

Be active on social media. You continued activity has two significant advantages: your profile will be more popular in time, and you will drive more visitors to your site. Interacting with people will make the visitors believe that you are the real persona talking in a friendly manner, not a robot.

If your name is related to a business, you need to know the Google listing. Don't avoid to be on Google listing. Someone can claim the listing instead of you.

If your business has no reviews at all, you need to do your best to obtain some favorable reviews. Put a call-to-action in your signature and on your site.

Never forget to keep your profile up to date. Join the sites that allow posting your profile. Check your profile, posts, content to be free of grammatical error and original. Proofread everything.

Don't take yourself too seriously every day. Post fun, relaxing facts, you need to shine online. Don't use awkward sentences, don't display offensive pictures. Never use negative and hurtful content. An unpleasant post will actually harm your e-reputation in an oversensitive Liberalist society we live in today. Think and re-think before reacting.

Here is another famous quote: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." Winston S. Churchill